Incube was formed by the founders, Rishi Chowdhury & George Johnston after years of building incubators, accelerators and innovation programmes for a range of startups, corporates and government bodies and seeing the need to provide spaces that can adapt to suit different types of work. However, the spaces we use every day are fixed, and despite getting smarter, are unable to adapt without generating large amounts of waste.


Seeing that over 90% of the time, we as human beings are inside a building, we are on a mission to reimagine the built world and transform it from a major contributor to carbon emissions, to a central solution of the climate change crisis.

We do this by making products that reduce waste across the lifecycle of a buildings use. 

Our skills lay in being able to marry technology and hardware to create smart, reconfigurable spaces, using modular walls that drastically cut the embodied and operational carbon emissions.  

Accelerate your journey to net zero today

Founding Team

Rishi Chowdhury Founder Incube
Rishi Chowdhury


George Johnston


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