Incube was formed by the founders, Rishi Chowdhury & George Johnston. After years of building innovation programmes for global corporates in a range of co-working spaces and HQs; they started managing the development of dedicated innovation spaces. This gave Rishi, George and the team, deep insight into the world of commercial real estate and especially the number of inefficiencies that could be solved by the latest technology solutions.

Seeing that over 90% of the time, we as human beings are inside a building, we are on a mission to ensure that the buildings we occupy are healthy, productive and sustainable.

We do this by making products that enable buildings to adapt the environment, as the use of buildings changes throughout the day, week, month or year. 

Our skills lay in being able to consolidate data from across sources in a building, analyse trends and predict how a building needs to adapt to real-time changes in space utilisation. With CubeOS we can pre-emptively automate tweaks to a building’s HVAC to maintain optimal air quality wherever people are, whilst reducing energy waste. 

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Founding Team

Rishi Chowdhury Founder Incube
Rishi Chowdhury


George Johnston


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