IoT Dashboard

Flexibility is rocking the foundations of the traditional commercial real estate world”

Key features


Supplier relationships allow us to access control functions in our third party devices creating the best possible office experiences.


A rule based engine which digests insights to trigger actions and is fully customizable.


Access intelligence dashboards & analytics to make better decisions and trigger workflows.

Collaboration & Productivity

The CubeOS Dashboard gives you insight into how your space is used to better optimise for collaboration and productivity. Insights such as heatmaps and space utilisation charts for the day, week, month or year can support you in making better decisions.

The people’s tab gives you an overview of members and employees in the space. This gives you greater granularity on insights such as which teams are interacting with each other.

Employee Well-being

Using insights from various IoT devices within a demise, workflows can be set up to support employee well-being such as offering recommendations on when to use their standing desks.

This is supplemented by the fact that our CubeOS layer which connects to the various IoT devices can use data about the distribution of people to ensure optimal airflow throughout keeping people awake and alert all day. 

Operational Efficiency

An office manager’s job is a busy one so to make things easier you can use the CubeOS Dashboard to set up workflows and free up some precious time.

Notifications such as alerting the facilities team when the dishwasher is done, the plants need watering or even when food is going off in the fridge further maximizes the facilities team time.

The CubeOS Dashboard also includes global and zonal control of all IoT devices in your demise, from lighting & heating to the TVs and audio systems.

Want to know more?


  • Aggregates APIs of many smart office IOT devices, enabling smarter spaces
  • Supports improved operational and energy efficiency
  • Enables better decisions of space utilisation and commercialisation opportunities
  • The Apple HomeKit for CRE
  • Open APIs and developer friendly