Building Intelligence Platform

Adapt to the future, faster”

Key features


Control building technologies from one central dashboard.


A rule-based engine which digests insights to trigger actions. Fully customisable.


Consolidate data and access intelligence dashboards & analytics.

Attract and Retain Tenants

CubeOS predicts environmental changes based on changing space utilisation trends and provides recommendations to adapt the HVAC system to reduce complaints about thermal comfort and ensure optimal indoor air quality whenever and wherever people are in your buildings.

Prove you have ongoing world class indoor air quality levels, with quarterly reports you can share with tenants or real-time dashboards. Attract top tenants and keep existing ones by showing the positive effects on their staff when it comes to wellbeing and productivity, which can positively impact a tenant’s bottom line.


Hit net-zero targets faster and cost-effectively by reducing ongoing energy waste. The predictive analytics capabilities of CubeOS ensure HVAC schedules can be pro-actively adapted to match capacity utilisation. That means CubeOS maintains optimal indoor air quality and thermal comfort when and where your buildings are occupied whilst making sure the HVAC is only working to heat, cool or ventilate areas when required.

By reducing energy waste and improving indoor air quality, CubeOS provides energy efficiency gains, reducing your carbon footprint on your journey to net zero. Save money and save the earth.

Higher Yields

Attract higher lease premiums and service charges by offering optimal indoor air quality and lower energy bills thanks to dynamic HVAC performance that matches space utilisation which has become ever more inconsistent since hybrid working has become the norm.

Reduce time spent on engineers tweaking HVAC to accommodate occupier requests, often only to find the indoor environment has already changed. CubeOS acts as a 24/7 virtual engineer so your team can make sure the systems are working at optimal performance and catch any potential issues before it affects occupiers.

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Want to know more?


  • Aggregates APIs of many smart office IOT devices, enabling smarter spaces
  • Supports improved operational and energy efficiency
  • Enables better decisions of space utilisation and commercialisation opportunities
  • The Apple HomeKit for CRE
  • Open APIs and developer friendly