Smart Walls

Bringing sustainable flexibility to the built world


Build up or break down in a matter of hours. Activate your office with no downtime. 


Reshape floorplans to meet ongoing changes in demand or trends.


Use data from integrated technology to gain insights on space utilisation & optimise.

The future of partition walls is flexibility. Spaces are activated in hours thanks to Cubes modular click and connect system which makes build up and break down a breeze. Connect panels to create fully or partially enclosed rooms or dividing walls of any shape or size.

Floorplans can be reconfigured on demand to adapt to the ongoing changing needs of occupiers or demand. Reshape or resize rooms to better meet ongoing needs.

Cubes do not affect the base build, so there is no need to get permission from the landlord for alterations to your existing structure or M&E.


Customise Cubes to meet your needs or brand.

Make the most of your walls with fascias, providing multifunctionality and offer a custom look and feel for your Cubes panels.

Fascias include whiteboards, shelving, windows, doors, noise dampening, green walls and more.

Custom vinyl ensures that Cubes look at home in your office and provides employees, clients or guests with an inviting on-brand environment to get work done.

Cubes is your smart office out of the box.

Inbuilt sensors monitor space utilisation and air quality, providing controls, insights and recommendations to optimise your space for occupier comfort.

CubeOS is the underlying proprietary technology platform powering Cubes. Pre-installed integrations with the Cubes sensors are ready to go when Cubes are installed. Existing technology in your building or office can be added to further enrich insights and control from one central dashboard.

No technical specialists required, no hassle, no extra costs.

Circular by design. Reuse Cubes panels when you adapt your layout or move to a new space.

Drastically reduce carbon emissions by removing on-site waste during fit-out, thanks to off-site manufacturing and click and connect install.

Continue to remove carbon emissions from an offices lifespan by eradicating waste generated by traditional partition walls during renovations or at the breakdown stages. No longer require Cubes panels? No problem; Incube pick them up, refurbish and reuse elsewhere, further cutting manufacturing requirement.

Occupier health and comfort comes first when it comes to the office.

Cubes remove the roof allowing an air gap to improve circulation of airflow from your existing HVAC systems, reducing the buildup of pathogens or CO2. Inbuilt sensors provide continuous real-time insights into air quality. Set up automated workflows in CubeOS, the underlying technology layer for Cubes, to improve air quality automatically or get recommendations to suit your schedule.

Sound dampening fascias reduce sound leakage and help keep conversations private and reduces ambient sounds.

Cubes panels are 30cm deep creating an air gap that insulates sound between two-panel fascias helping reduce sound leaking out or coming in.

Additional baffling can be added to further add privacy and create a semi-open roof whilst still allowing for sufficient airflow.

On average, 30% of all office space is underutilised. Our smart modular walls optimise your real estate to meet changing occupier needs and demand.


Quickly activate Flex spaces. Adapt floorplans to suit tenant requirements or meet changing demand. Integrated IoT provides insights to optimise and maximise the value of your real estate.


Remove upfront CapEx from fit-out and increase financial flexibility. Smart office out of the box with no specialists required. Create a healthy and sustainable office that adapts to your team.


Repurpose underutilised retail units for multi-functional uses such as co-working, meeting rooms and studios. Adapt to meet shifts in demand. Diversify revenue streams.

Circular By Design

Cubes are designed with sustainability in mind. From the materials sourced, through to the end of life, we’re on a mission to remove waste from the industry. Cubes can be used and reused again and again and again, bringing the environment to the forefront of the built world.

The first step to maximising the value of your real estate is to find out exactly how an organisation is using its space.


The underlying technology platform for the built world

Consolidate data and insights from our best in class technology partners to get a complete view of how your real estate assets are being used and how they can be optimised, controlled and automated from one central platform. CubeOS comes fully integrated with a range of third party smart office sensors that measure space utilisation and environmental activity. Even add control functions from existing technology within your demise.

Insights gathered are used to provide recommendations on how you can adapt your Cubes to improve occupier comfort and maximise your space utilisation.


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Step into a Cubes office

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