Smart Walls

Bringing flexibility to the built world

Key features


Build up or break down in a matter of hours. Activate your office with no downtime. 


Reshape floorplans to meet ongoing changes in demand or trends.


Use data from integrated technology to gain insights on space utilisation & optimise.

Modular Partition Walls

Cubes are a smart modular panel system that solves the problem of slow, expensive fit-outs that are fixed for the lifespan of a lease. With shorter leases, rapidly advancing technology and ever-changing working behaviours, now, more than ever, is the time for flexibility.

The modular Cubes panel system replaces tradition walls to create multifunctional partitions and rooms. Add on fascias enable Cubes to offer walls with shelving, storage, whiteboards, TV mounts and more. Panels can be left open, closed or include windows and doors. Both sides are usable and fascias can be fully customised with a range of finishes to personalise your space.

Adaptable Floorplans

Over time, demands for the space change. This may be seasonal, this may be due to growth or scaling back, this may just be a change in trends or demographic occupying the space. Cubes can be built up and broken down in hours, without the need to affect the base build, reducing costs and enabling the space to be activated quicker than traditional methods. It also enables landlords or occupiers to adapt the shape or size of partitions overnight to optimise and meet the ongoing needs of the space. Changes are included in the lease, you just pay for the number of panels in use. This can go up or down as you require.

Integrated Technology

Upgrade your office with an out of the box smart space. Each Cubes panel has an IoT tray in which a range of IoT devices can easily be integrated on a plug and play basis. Using the anonymous insights gathered from the sensors, CubeOS; the underlying technology layer for Cubes, gives recommendations to optimise the space to improve space utilisation.

Here are some of the initial devices and use cases supported:

  1. Space Utilisation Camera – identify capacity usage, social distancing, people counting, motion sensing and more
  2. Voice Control
  3. Environmental Air Sensors
  4. 4G Module

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Step into a Cubes office

  • Scan the QR code on left of each image and follow the link for an augmented view of a room made from Cubes, smart wall panels.