Landlord Partners

Incube works closely with Landlords to offer a full stack smart building solution that brings extra value to your customers and their staff.


Incube offers a full stack service that converts Cat A spaces into Cat B offerings that support wellness, productivity and operational efficiency. Our in build tech stack ensures a fully functional, interoperable dashboard that can be used by tenants to better manage space utilisation and efficiency.

Our flexible fit out solution is fast and simple meaning less downtime and higher returns. Tenants can use our whitelabelled app to redesign their space to suit demand. 

Through design and technology Incube can offer a space that gives tenants flexibility and an added value offering for landlords.


James Pellatt, Head of Innovation, Great Portland Estates

Hardware Partners

Incube integrates with a world class suite of hardware partners carefully chosen to ensure a future-proofed building and full interoperability between devices.


We are continuing to review and grow our partner network and options available to developers and landlords ensuring the perfect option for your commercial real estate assets.

Incube works closely with each partner to support in the development of their products based on feedback from our Landlord and Developer partners. In return partners offer us exclusive discounts we can pass on to our clients.

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