London Connectory

Client: Bosch
Location: Old Street, London
Size: 11,000sq ft
Type: Mobility-focussed co-working space
Project Name: London Connectory
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Adapting capacity to maximise revenue and reduce churn


Cubes was an attractive proposition to Bosch as it allowed a non-disruptive, fast way to reconfigure their workspace, adapting capacity to meet demand and maximise revenue opportunities as well as reduce churn from companies which were outgrowing private offices.


In early 2019, Bosch launched the London Connectory, a space where their mobility team and partners, from startups and corporates to academics and government could come together and co-create from a workspace filled with stakeholders from across the world of urban mobility. The workspace is run on a revenue-generating co-working model 


As demand for space in the London Connectory grew, private offices were soon filled. The teams in those offices were growing and needed additional space. Rather than being split across desks in the workplace or moving to another co-working space with a large enough available private office, Bosch was able to install Cubes to build a modular meeting room and private office to cater for the extra demand maximising revenue and reducing churn. 

Download the full case study to see how Incube met this challenge and get an invite to pop down and experience the smart space for yourself.