London Connectory Logo
Client: Bosch
Location: Old Street, London
Size: 12,000sq ft
Type: Mobility-focussed co-working space
Project Name: London Connectory

Creating a smart co-creation space for Bosch to bring together London’s mobility leaders 


Incube’s full stack, space-as-a-service (SPaaS) offering was an attractive proposition for Bosch, covering the full process from sourcing a location and design, through to project management of the fit out, technology integration, and ultimately, running the London Connectory space through operational facilities management. 


In early 2018, the mobility team at Bosch were looking to bring together a community of mobility leaders from startups, government, corporates and academics in a dedicated smart office designed with collaboration, wellbeing and energy efficiency in mind.


The London Connectory office not only had to provide an environment that could foster collaboration, but it had to be cost efficient and run as a profit centre rather than a cost centre to ensure long term self-sustainability.

Download the full case study to see how Incube met this challenge and get an invite to pop down and experience the London Connectory smart office for yourself.