Reduce Energy Waste

stay efficient, sustainable & healthy

Efficient, Sustainable & Healthy Spaces. 24/7.


Get a full understanding of how all your space is being used, 24/7. View data from all sources in one consolidated view.


Make more informed decisions around daily operations, HVAC settings, demand response, energy contracts and more.


Cut energy waste by making smaller adaptations before it’s required based on occupancy data.


less energy used when HVAC is at 80% power vs 100%

75% +

of energy use in an office comes from HVAC and lighting.


of all energy consumption globally is from buildings.


The underlying technology platform for the built world

Consolidate data & insights from existing or our best in class technology partners. Get a complete view of how your real estate assets are being used and how they can be optimised, controlled and automated from one central platform. CubeOS comes fully integrated with a range of third party smart office sensors that measure space utilisation and indoor air quality. Add your own sensors or technology at any time to provide more data and control functions in one location.

Insights gathered are used to set up automation and provide recommendations to improve occupier comfort and maximise your space utilisation.

Benefits of measuring space utilisation

  • Support planning & management of hybrid workplaces
  • Optimise day to day operations such as cleaning schedules & consumables orders
  • Automate energy efficiencies and reduce waste
  • Identify areas of the office with low or high utilisation including individual meeting rooms
  • Data can be used to automate HVAC systems to ensure optimal indoor air quality 24/7
  • Accurate insights enable better space planning decisions

What are you measuring?

Smart Building Starter Kit

To make it easier to get started with space utilisation & indoor air quality insights, we have put together an affordable smart building starter kit that you can use in any area of your space to try out. We’ll even provide a report after 3 months to show you how you can maximise the insights and automation to ensure a healthy, productive and cost-effective space, 24/7.


Use our platform to reduce energy waste, costs and ensure a healthy, productive environment for occupiers. Hit net-zero targets, attract and retain tenants faster. Achieve the best building certifications.


Provide employees, members and guests with healthy, productive environments that don’t leave you feeling weary and tired at the end of the day. Make the office an environment everyone enjoys working in.


Understand real-time space utilisation habits for new vs repeat visitors and get recommendations on adapting environments to match changing trends. Make space planning simpler and faster.

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