See CubeOS in action

CubeOS gives you a smart, healthy and efficient building out of the box. Schedule a demo today and see how CubeOS can help you improve your indoor air quality and reduce energy waste automatically to attract and retain tenants.


Real-Time Space Utilisation

See how your whole building is being used at any given time and identify trends. Use space utilisation insights to optimise operations. Stay ahead of the curve with CubeOS.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Maintain and improve indoor air quality levels and keep occupiers happy, healthy & productive. Using space utilisation insights and trends, CubeOS can communicate with your HVAC system to automate optimisations before it becomes a problem.

Less Energy Waste

CubeOS is pre-emtive not reactive so uses less energy to keep indoor air quality levels at their best. CubeOS adapts to space utilisation insights meaning no energy goes to waste heating or cooling empty rooms or blasting spaces on full ventilation.