Optimise your buildings in real-time 
with one centralised platform
Provide healthy, sustainable & productive spaces

Consolidate data and control functions from across your buildings technologies. Get rid of silos and connect BMS, HVAC, Lighting, Space Utilisation & Air Quality Sensors via our CubeOS platform and enable real-time optimisation for occupiers.

The future of workspace is adaptability
The future of workspace is sustainability

Space Utilisation

Gather real-time insights into space utilisation to support decision making around space layouts, day to day operations & managing hybrid teams.  

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Have full visibility on Air Quality across your space & enable real-time optimisations to ensure healthy, productive, adaptable environments for occupiers. 


Reduce wasted use of space, energy & consumables. Be cost-efficient without reducing quality. Occupier comfort doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Commercial Property Owners:

  • Give tenants control over their environment
  • Gain valuable insights into space utilisation across the whole building
  • Obtain best in class smart building & sustainability certifications

Commercial Property Tenants:

  • Provide a healthy environment that adapts in real-time
  • Optimise use of space to meet ongoing changing needs and demand
  • Become cost-efficient, reduce energy waste and improve productivity  

Case study

Client: Bosch
Location: Old Street, London
Size: 11,000sq ft
Type: Mobility-focussed co-working space
Project Name: London Connectory
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Incube Bosch London Connectory Case Study

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