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Incube offers solutions for anyone with large real estate assets to create smart, flexible and efficient spaces in days not months.

Incube is reimaging real estate by marrying technology and the built world to create spaces that adapt to the people that use it. The goal is simply to maximise use and returns from the space we have, while ensuring the comfort, well-being and productivity of occupiers.

Key Products & Services

Space as a Service

A full-stack offering, from design, fit-out, technology implementation and operational management of the space, for one monthly price over the lease period.

Cubes – Smart Walls

A modular panel system that replaces fixed walls, with standalone, IoT integrated partitions that can be built up, broken down and moved in hours not days.

CubeOS – IoT Dashboard

Platform that aggregates data from a wide variety of sources within a demise providing a more accurate view of space utilisation to make better decisions.

Core Audiences


  • Generate higher yields from existing and upcoming developments. Also looking to offer more services to tenants to increase retention.
  • looking for better insights on space utilisation and a better understanding of building usage.
  • has lots of under-utilised & meanwhile space

Corporates with large CRE assets:

  • looking to develop more innovative spaces for collaboration between staff, customers, startups or partners.
  • Corporates that want to increase productivity, collaboration and well-being of their employees.
  • desire to improve existing space utilisation and energy efficiency

Case study

Client: Bosch
Location: Old Street, London
Size: 11,000sq ft
Type: Mobility-focussed co-working space
Project Name: London Connectory
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