London Connectory

Client: Bosch
Location: Old Street, London
Size: 11,000sq ft
Type: Mobility-focussed co-working space
Project Name: London Connectory
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Accelerating the journey to net zero, without compromising on occupier comfort and wellbeing


CubeOS was an attractive proposition to Bosch as it allowed a non-disruptive way to ensure they were reducing energy waste, but ensuring optimal indoor air quality and thermal comfort for staff and members of the London Connectory, Bosch’s innovation space. Connecting to existing data sources, CubeOS was able to rapidly provide recommendations to facilities that could help them ensure the air in the office never reached uncomfortable or unhealthy levels, cut wasted energy from heating or cooling unused zones and all without the hours of having to trawl through siloed data.


In early 2019, Bosch launched the London Connectory, a space where their mobility team and partners, from startups and corporates to academics and government could come together and co-create in a workspace filled with stakeholders from across the world of urban mobility. The workspace is run on a revenue-generating co-working model 


To ensure that the space was run on a self-sustaining model, Bosch had to ensure no wasted costs and ensure an environment which kept members and guests healthy, comfortable and wanting to come back. Bosch turned to Incube Space and implemented CubeOS to consolidate data from across the office and automatically analyse and send recommendations to facilities with changes that could be implemented to counter any potential change in indoor air quality or thermal comfort.  

Download the full case study to see how Incube met this challenge and get an invite to pop down and experience the smart space for yourself.