Smart Building Starter Kit

Smart, healthy, efficient spaces

An out of the box smart building

Smart Building Starter Kit

To make it easier to get started with indoor air quality insights & space utilisation, we have put together an affordable smart building starter kit that you can use in any area of your space to try out. We’ll even provide a report after 3 months to show you how you can maximise the insights and automation to ensure a healthy, productive and cost-effective space, 24/7.

What’s included?

  • 1 x Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Sensors (50m range)
  • 3 x Ubiqisense Space Utilisation Sensors (incl. POE & mix of wide and standard angle lens)
  • 1x 4G Cloud Connector with power supply
  • 6-month CubeOS subscription fully integrated with supplied sensors
  • Full impact report showing possible outcomes if integrated
    with existing building technology for automation

Smart Building Starter Kit Price: £2,500

Smart Building Benchmarks

  • Temperature: 21°C
  • Humidity: 40-60%
  • CO2: 500-600ppm
  • PM2.5: <10 micrograms per cubic metre
  • 40% of total space underutilised
  • Meeting rooms used on average 29% of the time
  • 13% of energy use wasted each year

Smart Building Insights

Space Utilisation

Capacity usage 

Footfall heatmaps & traffic flows

Social distancing & pinch points

People & object counting

Posture monitoring

Indoor Air Quality

CO2 levels and VOCs



Light intensity

Ambient noise levels


Consolidate data and control functions from across your smart building sensors. Get rid of silos and connect your BMS with our Space Utilisation & Indoor Air Quality Sensors via our CubeOS platform and enable real-time optimisation.

  • Consolidated insights for facilities & occupiers
  • Reduce energy waste and hit net zero targets
  • Optimise space design & plan space requirements

$93 Billion +

lost in productivity annually, from headaches & fatigue associated with sick building syndrome.


increase in workplace productivity in workspaces with low levels of CO2 & other air pollutants.


of workers looking to returning to the office, are concerned about indoor air being clean & fresh.


Use our Indoor Air Quality platform to achieve premium green & smart building certifications. Provide tenants with the ability to view insights & set up indoor air quality automation for their demise.


Empower staff, guests & members with visibility of indoor air quality, temperature & lux levels so they can make better decisions and feel comfortable in the office. Reduce the spread of illness & increase productivity.


Ensure the best indoor air quality possible regardless of footfall levels at any given time. CubeOS adapts to changing use of space in real-time. Encourage in-store shopping by providing a healthy comfortable environment for shoppers.

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