New Features

We have recently released the ability for an administrator to order “Cubes” for their office, event spaces or meeting rooms. As a reminder – Cubes are standalone, IoT integrated partitions from Incube that can be built up, broken down and moved easily to complement a floor’s layout. 

First, a floorplan file is uploaded and processed from your local machine. As part of this process, your floorplan will be sent to the team so that they can suggest sample layouts of how to best utilise Cubes as part of the space at a later stage.



Next, you can view the floorplan you have uploaded and use the drawing tool to select areas within the floorplan where you would like to consider installing Cubes. This will help you get a visual understanding of how your new space will look and feel with the cubes installed and help us fulfil your order in the best way. 



You can then browse through the pre-set Cubes and partitions to better understand how price varies with different dimensions and quantities. 



Finally, you can review your order and the associated cost. You can also consider whether to include professional installation, as well as the ancillary CubeOS software which can be used to manage the IoT capabilities of the Cubes. 



Enjoy the update and we hope to see Cube orders from you soon!